Isle of Paradise - Hyglo Face Serum 30 ml

Isle of Paradise - Hyglo Face Serum 30 ml
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Brand: Isle of Paradise
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Take self-tanning to a whole new level with Hyglo Self-Tan Serum from the Isle of Paradise! It does not require much, as there are only a few drops that have the ability to change and renew the glow in your skin, while at the same time nourishing your skin. Nourishes the skin? Yes, you read that right - this product is nourishing and it’s because it’s not only a self tanner, but it’s a skin care product as well. This is the uniqueness of this product, which is why it stands out from many other self-tanners. With this product, you avoid fussing around with gloves, stripes, exfoliation, lumps, etc. You can even just drip the serum into your favorite moisturizer, and that way you achieve a very natural and delicious color. The product is packed with the popular skin care ingredient called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid provides your skin with moisture, as it effectively penetrates the skin’s pores and fills the skin with moisture and energy. All Isle of Paradise products are enriched with the blend of coconut, avocado and chia seed oil. This extraordinary combination guarantees your skin a lot of moisture, nourishes it and at the same time strengthens your skin’s own natural ability to retain the absorption of moisture. Application: Drizzle 4 - 12 drops of the serum directly on the face and distribute it thoroughly Wash your hands afterwards Product info: Two properties in one product - self-tanning and skin care Renews the glow in your skin Takes care of your skin You can apply it with your favorite moisturizer - drip the serum into your moisturizer Adds a lot of moisture to your skin The product is packed with hyaluronic acid - adds extra moisture Contains coconut, avocado and chia seed oil