Kay Bojesen - Politimand (39241)

Kay Bojesen - Politimand (39241)
Brand: Kay Bojesen
Size: One Size
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Kay Bojesen PolitimandKay Bojesen’s Policeman was designed with inspiration by other uniform institutions. Policeman is in the same series as the guard and the postman, and they are a good match. The uniformed wooden figures have won over Danish hearts and have become a staple in many Danish homes. Policeman with his black colour is a timeless decoration element. He fits well into the modern design homes. But can just as well decorate a regular Danish family décor. The uniformed wooden figure is designed in painted beech wood and he is the perfect gift for a design lover who can see the beautiful and the unique in the policeman. Note: Wipe off with a dry cloth. Keep out of direct sunlight. Useful information about Kay Bojesen PolitimandSize: 18,5 cm Material: Hand-painted beech woodDanish design