Planet Bath Fizzers (Oak Moss) (Bath Bombs) (22738)

Planet Bath Fizzers (Oak Moss) (Bath Bombs) (22738)
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Brand: Firebox
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Next stop: Planet Bath Bomb. Where the ground fizzes beneath your feet, pleasing smells fill the air, and all of the inhabitants are suuuuper relaxed (and Vegan!).Find yourself a comfortable crater, lie back and let the astronomical powers of these bath bombs work their sweet sizzling magic.There are three luxuriously fragrant destinations to visit in this soapy solar system:Pear: A down to earth mix of fresh, floral and tropical notes around a pear scented coreCranberry: A vibrant super star with fruity and energetic notes around a cranberry scented coreOak Moss: Mixed with a blend of tranquil, earthy and sensual notes around an Oak Moss scent