Revlon - Pediprep Spa

Revlon - Pediprep Spa
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Brand: Revlon
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A relaxing bubbling massage to prepare your feet for a complete pedicure. The Revlon Foot Spa with Bonus Pedicure set is one of the best deals on the market. 9 piece nail care set to keep your nails clean and tidy. You get everything you need from waterproof toe-touch control to removable pumice stone, bubble massaging strips, massage roller and pedicure foot rest. It also helps ease stress and improve your circulation. Excellent keep-warm technology to aid with the slow natural cooling of the water in the foot spa. SpecificationsOn/off bottomWaterproof controlFeaturesMaintains temperature for full comfortAccunode basin & heel padFoot rest & splash guardAccessories2 removable attachments: pumice stone to keep feet soft and mechanical rolling massage to revive tired feetAdditional pedicure kit to keep nails clean & neatStorage bagThe brand began its success back in the 1930’s where the company sold its products to beauty salons. REVLON contributed directly to the war by manufacturing first aid kits for the navy. At the end of the war REVLON began producing beauty care products.In the 1960’s REVLON laid the ground work for its highly successful international presence bringing the ‘‘American Look’’ to the rest of the world. Growth and innovation led the for REVLON. In global beauty and personal care REVLON is a top 20 player.