The Twin Christmas Sweater - 2XL (Danish)

The Twin Christmas Sweater - 2XL (Danish)
Categories: Food and drink, Wine
Brand: Made in china
Size: XXL
35 GBP
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Twinning is winning! Now you and your best friend can put on a shared Christmas sweater - cross your fingers that the other does not sweat.The fun Christmas sweater is two sweaters in one, and is perfect for a couple of friends for Christmas lunch. It is a good idea to maintain a good atmosphere, because you are quite dependent on each other, and when it comes to toilet visits, you may need to have a few rules.Who is naughty? Who is nice? Who overturns the other on the dance floor? The twin sweater connects you in completely new ways!Information about the Twin Christmas Sweater:Comes in unisexMen are advised to take the same size as normal while women are advised to go one size down compared to normalMade of 100% non-scratching polyesterWash at 30° C