Wahl - Home Pro Deluxe Hair Clipper (79305‐1316)

Wahl - Home Pro Deluxe Hair Clipper (79305‐1316)
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Brand: Wahl
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Cut and trim your hair to perfection with this luxurious hair clipper set from Wahl.The set includes a cord-based hair clipper as well as a battery-powered mini trimmer. You can use the mini trimmer to cut edges and maintain your hairstyle. The set contains 8 spacers, which allow you to cut from 3 to 25 mm. If you want to cut very short, you can use the hair clipper without a spacer - all the way down to 1 mm. The hair clipper set’s practical storage bag makes it extra easy to keep track of all parts as well as clippers and trimmers. That way, you can also bring the set on the go if you suddenly need to freshen up your hairstyle. Wave goodbye to the hairdresser and say hello to this multifunctional hair clipper set from Wahl!Features:Cutting width 45 mmCutting length from 1 mm8 spacers: 3 - 6 - 10 - 13 -16 - 19 - 22 - 25 mmSpacers for right and left earIntegrated click system 1 to 3 mmAccessories:Battery-powered mini trimmerScissorsCombCleaning brushCutting oilCutting protectorStorage bagTechnical specifications:Wired hair clipperElectromagnetic vibration motorErgonomic shape